So channel V hailed last month as their French Month. With, everything related to French music. Being an avid fans of french music bit dissapointed and anoyed by not so complete coverage on french music. The scope were rather focus on electro,and tecno, you know club filler) with only one scoop(thank god) on pop which they interview Emilie Simon.
[ V] left out france mainstream music i think, because most of the artist that they covered are generally wellknown in the underground scene or relatively new artist bubbling up into mainstream.

and of course, they show us how VJ Marion having her blast there. They even showed Marion shopping trip.

Anyhow its still a pleasurable treat to watch it. well at least they have something on Daft Punk(dunno what else to say if they miss covering on Daft Punk).

Im just dissapointed they left out on french pop mainstream, hiphop, and french rock music scene. If not, its gonna be an almost complete commentary. When speaking about french music ones shouldve left out, well known names nowadays such as, chimene badi, Nadiya, Helene Segara,Diams, Faudel, Pascal Obispo,Laam, Amel Bent, Mylene Farmer,Yannick Noah just to name a few…and how can they forgot, asian represent!: Anggun!!

well i hope [V] will go to Paris again, and next time..dont missed