Eversince i watched the movie, chermin, ive begining to have a slight admiration towards Natasha Hudson. Im aware about 2 of her poetry book and did managed to flip through and read some of it during my visit to MPH bookstore. However, it didnt intrigue me to purchase the book since i sincerely felt that her poem are all bland. Lack of soul. it failed to reach my heart.

It come to no suprised when a blogger named jannah caught Natasha’s red handed of plagiating poems from other poets published work and directly translated into bahasa, and published it as her version of children poetry in bahasa in ‘syair si pari pari’. To make it worst, no credit given to the initial source plus, she claimed it all as her own original work!

There are few other plagiat work of hers,one of  her poem is”kek coklat” is an obvious direct translation from roger mcgough’s cake.

datin natasha hudson defended herself by replying

“honestly wht kind of comment is tht?i think you & the fellow bloggers are getting overboard & a bit too much here..and i did not get a ghost writer for the book..n for your info writing a book in malaysia does not make you a millionaire…pls dont try to discriminate others if u dnt have the capability to write a freaking book..mind my words but people have feeling too..tq
9:41 PM”

Honestly Datin. Its not about money or hate, discrimination, jealousy on yourself. Its just a matter of principals. Plagiarism is a serious issue. If illegal mp3 downloading is consider agaisnt the law, and people who sells pirated CD is known as a pirate. Well you, Natasha can be consider as pirate, or Lanun.

If i were you, i swallow my pride, apologize, take out all poems that its not originaly yours. or you can withdraw the book.

or if you wish to keep the book, pay credit to the deserving poet and keep the book.Probably with an excuse you’ve already make an arrangement with the original publishers of the poem but then forgot to display the credit in your book.

 Learn from Ning Baizura. If she can handle her misinterpreted fantasy of having sex with 5 guys episode of her life. you, can easily settle this one with a blink of an eye.just pull yourself together , swallow your pride a lil bit and face the reality.You wont loose anything, you are already rich,famous and pretty. Afterall, the malaysians will usually forgive and forget(isnt so?).We always believe in 2nd chance right?

oh BTW i really admire your self confident and bravery in publishing other people’s work and claimed it as yours. Probably youve forgotten that not all Malaysians are that stupid!She seem to forgotten the fact that other malaysians do read poetry too!

Anyway, she should be thankful that the local media didnt expose her fraudulent activity on the big media. It was kept nicely under rug swept and remain as an urban legends within internet medium, Eventough the evidence provided by the various bloggers complete with picture proof are obvious.

A writer or plagiat artist actually can be sue under copyright infringement by the people who produce the actual original work. But little does the public consumer realised that they too can put this to stop or at least remind other artist to think twice before even thinking of plagiating other people work and make money out of it.

Depending on the individual. If you asked me, when i purchase something from an artist, a CD, more obvious a book, i expect their creative work derived from their own charisma and talent. If they sample or reproduce other people work or translated other people people, they should put a disclaimer so that as a consumer im sure that i spent my money on the deserving peace of work.

For example, if your purchase an expensive LV product at a store that claim it is original product, and later discover that the product is a very high quality imitation product. You can sue the seller and request for a refund.Of course you need to find a solid evidence to proof that the product that you purchase is not authentic(and of course you need to provide a proof of purchase aka receipt). Thats among the reason that i always keep receipts of all the expensive things that i bought(just in case to be use for a situation like this).

 What can we do, is first to seek clarification and request for money back from the correct source who produce the product such as the seller/publishers/record label/manufacturer etc.

If they entertain and attended your request.You get your money back. case close.

If they dont, we then must lodge a police report, give full detail explaination on the situation. get the police report copy and file our request at consumer tribunal. The full detail explaination on the procedure can be obtain at their official website. They will later arrange a hearing session to review your case, And if you win, you will not only get your money back but give the culprit a lesson to learn.