melaka straits hotel

1. malacca straits hotel sign
2.Balineseque pool.
3.small pool but very clean and chilling.
4.outdoor seating area, small, cute and comfortable.
5.Outdoor eating area, cosy and homely.
6.cosy lounge,very clean and chic
7.Selat Restaurant, chic, cosy, homely.
8. its still cosy if you decide to eat outside 🙂
9.executive suite. cheap and suprisingly decorative and stylish!
10.jacuzi, huge and clean!
11.bathroom, clean, well mirrored and pleasantly inviting.
12.TV,minibar,workdesk with PC and free internet access!

I was in Malacca recently and urgently looking for a place to stay.
Actually whenever im in Malacca, i would prefer a hotel which are nearest to eating place,shopping mall and near to hippest centre as possible. Immediately Equatorial Malacca is the best place to stay. Its not too huge, but yet very conveniently located and homely. Well you know a hotel is a homey place the very first time you walkin to the lobby.

Personally i dont prefer a hotel too big, too grande,too small and of course not too dodgy and too expensive for my small wallet. Likewise, im a traveller with a simple mind but still consider comfort and convenient.

Unfortunately, Equatorial Malacca was full. and For watever reason the staff informed that 2 floors of rooms has been close due to maintainence. oh well. The staff inform me to visit Malacca Straits Hotel. But hearing a very unfamiliar hotel name from a very first time doesnt spark my interest to check out the hotel.So i hurried my way to Holiday In Malacca, which was about the right hotel that fit into my description.

But due to higher rates(less than Equatorial but i rather pay up  few buck to stay at Equatorial than ventured check in there) and i failed to persuade for a discount (since i check in at 7pm)so i quickly turn to Mahkota Hotel Malacca for a last resort.

As expected. Mahkota Hotel is a very affordable place to stay. The manager in charge was also friendly and negotiable. So i check in there for RM150++. Sadly the hotel room were full, so they had to give me a single room,deluxe apartment instead.well ok.

After that, i go to the nearest police station to make a police report. (Check out my next entry on “my Mykad Ordeal”). After it all settled, drive all the way to Mahkota Hotel, Pass through the guard house, drive through the apartment blocks, and finally reach my designated block. (phew). it was 14th floor up. So with bags and stuff i walk 2 minutes than found the lift. oh well very very apartment-ish indeed.

few minutes i was up at my apartment and found the room. Large. Indeed. with rattan furniture,emptied fridge,a kicthen, a balkoni, a bathroom with tab. a deluxe bed. It was ok except it was too big, too far, too high for me. Plus in order for me to iron my clothes i have to go to another block by foot. imagine!. oh well..its is so not me.At this point of time, it wasnt feel right for me to stay there. Probably it will be more suitable if im not in urgency and if im staying for a holidays.:P

Luckily i manage to negotiate with the manager to check out without any fee or penalty. So Remembering the advice from the Equatorial staff i drive to Hotel Equatorial and make my way behind the hotel by turning left at the corner of the hotel. I found this small but lavishly brights with lights and clean. As usual, the feeling of rightness pouring in. I guess its a good chi.

I didnt expect what i expected the hotel to be. It was chic, very clean, and the brochures and room photos display well capturing my hearts to check in right away and enjoy the bed. It was a four stool bed. very hmm bali i might say. Its a boutique hotel.

the cheapest price for a very comfortable room is RM128. So i took the executive room for RM188++. As soon as i got my keys i quicky took the retro but very clean and bright lighted elevator to my room.

Well the experience is beyond my expectation and more than what i bargain for. However, the internet access although its free, buts its frustriatingly slow.Probably due to bandwidth sharing with users from other rooms. And the food for the morning buffet is not really a hotel standard. But you cant expect more from a hotel like that to serve a chef quality food and offering gardenia standard of bread. They serve the local bread. and to some you may not find it very tasty. 😛 so no wonder the room come with 2 free breakfast.

But with that exeptional. I will probably wont hesitate to stay there again. Im sure you will do too.
for more info and booking visit the hotel website.