well..how should i put this in place. This is my painful story of “losing” my IC due to someone elses fault. An incompetant, CIMB Plaza Pantai’s branch staff.Well i do blame myself cause didnt double checked the IC given to me to ensure if its really mine or not. Well thats the mistake when you thought that you can trust and assume that bankers dont always make mistake. Well at least what i learn from it now is to double glance when people return my documents next time.

Actually my heart wrenching experience with CIMB began long before the IC mistake. Initially, last week on the 14th February i make my 2nd visit to the same branch to swap my ATM bankcard, because ATMs failed to read the sim card. But this time, the bank charge me RM10 to replace my card with a new one.Eventough the obviously the card failed to function due to the sim problem. i pay up the penalty eventough felt its very unfair for CIMB to charge to capitalise their customer that way.

Well back to myKad story. I just found out that ive been carrying a stranger’s mykad in my wallet for few days. Ive been to kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu on a road trip up and down, to KL, it was in Melaka that i realized that i owned someone else myKad when i check in the hotel. I freaked out upon seeing the strange myKad.Luckily they accept my driving license. Soon afterward, i lodge police report to have a backup document in case if theres a road block. Especially during voting seasons, and you know how efficient our police offers are we? so i dont want to be mistaken for a Pendatang tanpa izin and have to sleep in jail instead. so better be precautions.

As soon as i return to KL, i google the net and luckily traced the details of the mykad owner and contact him. Luckily he sms me the morning after and i return his mykad to him before noon. Thank god, my mykad is still in CIMB office branch. I decided not to throw any tantrums to them, because its no use to patronize their inefficiency anyway. I smirk when the manager said out loud to me” oh thank god you came! weve been looking for you high and low sampai nak gila!”

 yeah right. sampai nak gila youve been looking for me based from your in your customer info database that it took you more than 1 week i dont get even a word from you. while on the contrary i do it on my own with google help in less than 2 days!*pengsan!

shamless betul CIMB staff ni!