After completed the available malaysia’s available mobile broadband’s product offering, pricing and service coverage and quality studies . Ive come up with a conclusion that, in our country, the service offering and quality of coverage is at introductory level, the trend has just started last year and will soon become the next big thing, and will leave streamyx via copper line way behind.The offering,and network capability is somewhat similar esp within digi,maxis and ezzynet, however it Celcom Broadband is currently having the best advantage in terms of having the widest coverage thus personally i consider celcom broadband as the best mobile broadband in malaysian market. Why?

1. No frills deal, Subscribe to the data package at your convenience and pocket size; RM68/monthly for flat rate data speed up to 384kbps or RM98/monthly for flat rate up to 3.6mbps data speed.

2. Personally to me, its much more wiser, to purchase our own modem instead of taking up modem package due to the fact that

a)the modem is not being disable by the Telco to stop the user from using the modem with other service provider.
b)If we are not satisfied with the service, we can terminate the data plan anytime with no penalty.
c) if say, after using for 1 and half year and we want to terminate the data plan, we need to return the modem to Celcom. which is a loss at the customer side.

However, before you make your own decision to join in the mobile broadband user community, make sure you are all aware on the product limitation esp in Malaysia. However, have a peace of mind that, the mobile broadband technology in Malaysia is currently expanding, its currently at it establishment phase, so expect network upgrading, and so on and so forth.

If you currently is a user of streamyx, do not quickly terminate the service just yet. Since streamyx is a wired technology thus the service is much more stable than wireless. (what can we expect for wireless?even our astro service cant avoid the service distruption whenever rains falls right?).

Most importantly for avid torrent, bandwidth suckers out there, i personally think you better stay with streamyx since it is wired. Subscribes only if you can afford 3.6mbps plan or if you are satisfy with the service strenght at your areas(personally i hope you all stay loyal to streamyx coz im fear of bandwidth congesttion if all of you migrate to celcom broadband.hehehe.kidding!) and of course wired technology offer more service stability compared to wireless.

you will be the most suitable celcom mobile broadband user if you fit into this category.

1. your area is currently cannot be serve by streamyx.
2. your are always travelling or always carrying your notebook wherever you go and want to use the internet beyond the “hotspot” or “wifi” area. (the usb modem can be use with desktop PC with USB aswell tho).hence your lepaking time with frens includes, enjoying latest music videos, or reading latest gossip on the net. 😛 or of course having internet available anytime, anyway will be the ideal best fren for business travellers.(basically you do not need to have a cup of starbuck just to enjoy surfing at their wifi area). With celcom broadband, your connected to internet anytime, anywhere.
3. your are aware of the service coverage. currently Celcom offer the widest coverage. Probably the coverage strenght at your home is not as good at your office, if your lucky all of your favourite areas are all covered. (So possibly its best to bring your fren who subscribe to the service to come to your house just to confirm on the service strenght/coverage).
4. last but not least, your notebook, or PC fit the spec requirement for the service.(windows XP/2000, USB port, enough harddisk space and minimum 128MB RAM.(if you dont, consider some desktop pc/notebook upgrading first ya..)

In my case, currently Celcom covered my housing area quite well, since im subscribing to 384kbps, the speed is as what i expected to be, but its far faster than dial up. I will upgrade my data plan to 3.6mbps when i have enough budget to pay the monthly fee of RM98. (im not really a heavy internet users and not really a torrent users).I initially subscribe to plan RM68/384kbps for introductory/trial purposes, looking at the speed that celcom is currently providing me at home, i think i can upgrade to plan RM98/3.6mbps whenever im ready with the money.

thiese are the steps that i took in order for me to become the celcom broadband user community.

1. i did some studies on all mobile broadband provider on the net, read through all the hate mails,-Ve and +Ve comment available posted by the current existing users on google and make my own conclusion in order for me to choose my most appropriate provider.
2. register to celcom data plan at TMpoint outlet.(i register 2 weeks before i have the modem)
3. get myself a usb modem.( huawei E220 usb modem).
4. soonest as i got the modem, as a tech-no-savvy person, suprisingly what i need to do is just insert my celcom data simcard in the usb modem slot and plug in the usb modem into my notebook usb port,and voila! its all done. no cd installer and what not.
5. whenever i plug in the usb modem, the windows will automaticly launch my celcom broadband startup bar, and i just click “connect” button on the startup bar, and the “dialer” will connect me with the celcom broadband world.

and surprise, suprise….i just discover that i can sms like mad to anyone “free” using the data unlimited plan using the “inbox” tool at the celcom broadband startup bar.

(inner packaging box)-yes no celcom logo, means this modem is yours,free to be used with celcom,maxis or digi data card.

(outer packaging box)

About the charges and bill info. usb modem on ur own usb modem from celcom i think at rm699.

then subscribe to celcom broadband package.

1. get urself a new set of simcard for data usage. i do not recomment you combine your data with voice. coz u might get headache with the bills.

2. choose which broadband package you prefer.
RM98/month or RM68/month

3.for first bill, you are required to pay for 1 month deposit. for example. if you take RM68, RM136 will be charge in your first bill. the following bill is back to RM68

4. bear in mind, if you send sms using your dialer,there will be additional sms charges on top of your RM68/98. *wink *wink.