you must been living in a coconut shell if up untill now, you are not aware of the climate instability due to the effect of global warming. The effect is now becoming severe resulting an apparent proof which can be feel by you and me.

As long as i can remember, the save the planet campaign actually has been implemented to the public even when i was in kindergarten. Now, the campaign has come accros various channels media. Honestly i have to salute MTV for being an active channel in educating it viewers to practice a more green friendly lifestyle.

We shouldn’t wait for some other people to save this planet. this is our planet. a place that you and me has lived and will be live our future generations. Thus we all should play our roles in ensuring that we still can call earth our homey home.

your Ignorance is a step to self suicidal. honestly, we all should play our roles, our own best way to help as much as possible.

So how? Lets see, This are few methods that i usually practice without shame and i think you should copy the same too.

1) try your best to not depend on plastic bag whenever you go shop. Things that you able to hand carry it do not need to put in plastic bag. magic word(Tanak plastic).

2) reuse or recycle plastic bags to the optimum. dont just throw them away.

3) switch off the all lamps switchs when you go to bed,including the astro. dont put any player in remote mode, and at night minimise the usage of lights. If its not used, switch it off.

4) opt for biogradble product. or product which is sold in a casing or container that can be reuse again.

5) minimise the usage of water, and electricity. Dont let it runs unused.

6) read product labels before purchase any product.opt for CFC-Free products.

7) stop or minimise the usage of air conditioner. use fan, or only on it when theres many people in the room.

8) switch off all switches after class or office hour. Esp during weekends or holidays. It will not only help you to save up the electricity bills, but also save the enviroment.

9)in class or office, bring your own water container, stop or minimise consumption of mineral water bottles, instead, fill up water from the water pot into your water container and clean it up daily to avoid usage of plastic water bottles.

thats all i can think off right now. do share with me your own tips in saving the planet. probably im not alone in doing this.its good to know if you too, are making your very own effort in going green.