i have my heart on yale since i was a lil girl

woody, its a boy girl thing.

It has been a loong time since the last time i watch a pleasurable  teen flick. The last teen flick i enjoyed watching was ‘Shes The Man’. Thus when i happened to flip through ‘Its a boy girl thing’ on astro last night. i was glued till the end credit.
Nell(Samaire Armstrong) and Woody(Kevin Zegers) is a pretty boy and girl living in a house close to each other. They both hate each other. But fate turns as one day, their intense hatred againts each other has trigger a magical curse which end up them exchanging body.
Later they learn to understand and complete each other in fullfilling each other dreams, which as expected end up they realising that they begin to love each other.
Neither of them expect that confessing their true feelings of love to each other is much harder then expressing their hatred among each other.
They soon learn to pull their pride behind and confess their love againts all odds.