Maxis widens lead ahead of Digi

By: Noelle Lim, Malaysia
Mar 10, 2008

AC Nielsen reported that in 2007, Digi had a 40% increase in ad spend from RM106.7 million in 2006 to RM149.6 million in 2007, while Maxis recorded a decline of 18% from RM157.2 million in 2006 to RM128.3 million in 2007.

Maxis said that its share of the postpaid segment rose to 48.96% as at end-2007 from 48.33% in 2006. Its prepaid market rose to 40.2% from 40.01%. Digi reached a market share of 27.47% at end 2007, slightly higher than 27.31% at end 2006. However, its share of the prepaid market dropped to 29.34% from 29.86%.

Sandip Das, CEO of Maxis, attributed Maxis’ subscriber gains to successful segmental marketing and better communication of its revamped telco packages.

As at end-December last year, Maxis had 9.72 million mobile phone subscribers in Malaysia, adding 1.66 million subscribers from 8.06 million users as at end-2006. Maxis reports that it expects to reach 10 million subscribers in March this year. DiGi has 6.4 million subscribers as at end 2007.

Well. The news above is an outdated news. Somehow. Very soon,We’ll see the impact of the switching war to the local telco provider.I wish i could find any updates on revenue/usage from consumer segment. Anyone?

Btw Celcom, again, start off their switching war a lil bit late. Even worst, i personally felt that their ad campaign which feature harith iskandar, fail to left an impression to the customer in understanding the mobile number portability(MNP) feature.

Digi, in another hand, execute their ad campaign very well. with just a simple 2D animation! Celcom has so much to offer but too bad, their marketing team are still lost in translation. How can such ad campaign pass an approval board? No tactital approach, it looks pleasing on the eyes, almost entertaining, watching harith iskandar taking off his 017 shirt, revealing a celcom tshirt is just not enough.

I just wonder, if they are too afraid to try new marketing ideas or just dont care?

latest updates

The hand shaking is over now it’s war

By: Llew-Ann Phang, Malaysia
Published: 28 October 2008

Malaysia – The peninsula’s mobile industry chiefs were the picture of camaraderie as they smiled out from the pages of Malaysia’s dailies at the launch of MNP, but now the gloves are off in a war to steal each other’s customers.

Industry players have likened the battle to the current US presidential election fever between Barack Obama and John McCain, where each side is not shy of taking a swing at the other.

While each claims to have the edge, leading operator Maxis Telecommunications (Maxis has 10.1 million subscribers as of the first quarter this year with a post-paid subscriber base of over 2.5 million) is taking a more subtle approach in its campaign, using the simple message: ‘Isn’t it time you were part of something big?’

This tag is emblazoned across its website but on television and print and out-of-home channels, the operator is emphasising its individual plans.

Malaysia’s second largest operator – Celcom – has gone all out to advertise that all prefixes (Maxis’ 012 and 017, DiGi’s 016, Celcom’s 013 and 019 and shared network 014) are all part of its big family.

Its campaign stretches from print, six television commercials (TVC) versions and out-of-home avenues with local stand-up comedian and celebrity Harith Iskander taking centre-stage in these advertisements.

DiGi Telecommunications’ MNP campaign adopted a more personalised approach as it stationed its staff and dealers at shopping complexes to draw customers to the yellow brand.

There were also street carnivals in key cities on Oct 16 where the management team, employees and dealers took to the streets to encourage people to make the switch.

Campaigns it embarked on included TVCs, and print advertisements in all the major newspapers a day or two later.

Johan Dennelind, chief executive officer, DiGi was among the 300 employees who spent the afternoon in the Golden Triangle, on Oct 16 promoting DiGi’s edge over competition with MNP.

DiGi promises other aggressive plans to paint towns yellow in other key urban centres.

In an attempt to widen its outreach, DiGi which has a current base of 6.6 million customers across the board, also allowed online registration on its website whilst trying to attract its visitors.

The common aspect of DiGi and Maxis communications were that both operators enlisted 10 reasons to subscribe to either of them.

The MNP had gone on a limited live trial basis on Aug 29 and the operators were banned by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission from any form of promotions to attract customers to their company.

During the limited live trial period, the providers were only allowed 100 port requests a day. The nationwide launch of the MNP embarked on Oct 15.