I always have my respect towards retailers, especially the small ones who operates small outlet of clothing, accessories, shoes, electrical supplies so on and so forth. Despite the stiff competition from the up trends international shopping outlets, they are still there, providing an additional varieties to the locals who are looking for a better bargain in a less trendy places by choosing buzzing dodgy streets like Petaling Streets, to a slightly convenient malls like Sungei Wang Plaza or The Times Squares.

Nowadays, we no longer need to worry of being harass by the aggressive sales lady and men who unethically will harassed you (or in their mother tongue) when you refuse to buy their products.Currently there are many selections of night bazaar or “uptown” operating in almost every corner of the Klang Valleys who offers ‘Petaling Street’ varieties at a much safer place.

Thus, It has been a long time I stumble upon such horrific accident, until yesterday, in Sungei Wang Plaza. I found myself almost laughing to this 20 something insane Chinese lady who unshamefully screaming to an Indian lady who I assume refused to buy her product. She works at a toy shop(selling battery operated helicopter and such), at the first floor of Sungei Wang Plaza. By assuming at her high pitch voice and lionlike attitude, that Indian lady must have given her a hard time. The sales lady acts as if her world will about to end when the customer lady refused to purchase her product!(she probably just asking around for her toys :P)

I felt so humiliated by her manners. Screaming her lungs out to a lady who is old enough to be her mother, in front of many passer by consist of tourist and locals. The scene is not only horrifying but disgusting to look at the same time. Her ego is so big; looking at her non guilty, unshameful facial expression she must have felt that she deserve to treat her customer that way.

Wow, This is new to me. I usually thought that that kind of rudeness can only be seen at the filthy Petaling Street. Probably she is a rare species; maybe she’s in her period, just broke up with her lengchai or has not had ‘some’for a very long time.

She is among many classic example of rude retail operators who is not only ‘otai’ but think that the customers (esp those who refuse to buy their stuff), only give them a pain in the ass .These type of people desperately required an attitude 101 classes, and obviously needs a lot of love from friends and families.

If you happened to be verbally or (even worst) physically harassed in front of the public by any sales person, to the point of they acting not very sane and vulgar please don’t hesitate to go to the nearest police station and make an official police report.

Jot down the shop name, address,(if possible), and if you are brave enough, capture few snap of the shop and the sales person. This is way better than wasting your time going through his or her tantrums because it could be traumatic experience.

However despite all the negative vibes, it is polite if you can first, apologize to the sales person for all the inconvenient that he or she face, at least this could probably cool them down.

Even if the sales person didn’t get angry with you for not making any purchase after all the questioning, and trouble that he or she go through to attend you as a customer, its always polite to say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ to them, and tell them that “their product are all nice, but it isn’t exactly what your looking for.” And of course smile. Sometimes, if you carry a negative vibe full of arrogant and disrespect, you will get the same vibe at you, even worst, you receive double or triple of that.

My advice, for those of you who are allergic to people, not a people person, and especially if you have a tendency of becoming emotionally sensitive in many ways, please don’t ever work in retail business or any occupation that requires you to interact with people. Find yourself a better fitting job, probably as a carpenter or a debt collector.