beghalih sket Yasmin Ahmad, Wan Azli, direktor filem baghu hok baguh, lah lah maghi menamboh kelaine dale industri waye kito. ‘Budak Kelantan’ filem sulong arahe Wan Azli loni dok nunggu semo rakyat Malaysia hok suko kelih waye ngan cerito2 melayu hok buke jenih koksir kokdey. Kalu demo dop gi kelih gak, takut abe wan kito tadop moda wak tubik waye baghu lepah nih.

Lepah cerito ‘ Kami the movie’, ‘Budak Kelantan’ ni bagi kawe, cerito kedua hok kawe segho sedak kelih.  muj’o lah duo2 nyo ngapuh pitih kawe wat tubik. sedak kelih orghe kato.

Stail cerito abe we kito ni sega molek, kiro so gu’ denga kelah cerito yasmin ahmad, kalu ngan cerito2 pengarah laen macey yusof haslam, ahmad idham, suhaimi baba,piere andre, memey jauh jelak lah. cerito Afdlin sauki pong bulih telopong nok oyak bui.

Hok kawe banggo sangat tuh, panggong waye hok kawe gi kt times square sumbat abih, doh la waye male. Pahtu gak buka sek sek kito jah  penuh kelih, ore buke melayu pong ado gok. Kiro ganah kakloh lah. Nak nak gak loni waye baru bayok, macey2 cerito plop tu ado, high school musical 3, quantum of solace doksoh nok kato lah. ganah kakloh abe wan kito.

Stat cerito ‘budak kelantan’ ni comey molek, ngan pemandange dari klate sapa kolupo,ngan lagu dikir barat abe yazid. Kawe gerenti, sek sek klate kalu tengok cerito nieh soh soh doh teringat klate nga gamba dio,lagu dio, baso klate dio.

Kawe doksir oyak bayok2 pasa cerito ‘budak kelantan’, kalu demo nok tahu lebih2, gi tengok sendhgi,tapi gak kawe jamin lah,kalu demo gi kelih, memey ‘budak kelantan’ buke pesen2 cerito melayu skalo. Scene kecek mejo make, ngan kecek koya supo buku skoloh tadop. Kiro supo beto2 logik hok supo kito duk kelih hari hari lah. Lawok dio, caro kecek, mmak’a, rumoh, keto, jiwo meme sutir2 supo kito duk kelih hari hari lah.

Direktor dio se’ni molek susun watok2 ngan cerito waye nih. Semo ka’ro hok kito dop pahe awa awa lah lah susun molek nok kat abih. Kiro logic nga masuk otok la cerito dio. Tahniah deh. Kawe segho abe we buak sunggoh molek cerito dio. Kito kelih duk sesak lasung. Mudoh pahe.

‘Budak Kelantan’ ni sedak kelih, cukup semo karo. Nok sukko pong ado, sedih pong ado, pahtu cerito dio dok lah  jenih ngepek2 sangat. Kiro bulih wak nginsah lar sapo2 hok segho tow.

Kawe segho abe we train nok oyak mendo molek dale cerito dio, bukko kok sek sek kito jah, tapi gak kok blako2 lah.

Kalu kawe nok oyak mendo hok kawe dop berehi dale cerito ni, tadop, tapi gak kawe segho, ado lagi mendo2 hok kalu sobek buleh cerito ni kacip molek. pesen jaha kechih tino stail mitok2 peng ngan nombo tu naka segho. Tadop ore wak doh loni. Dop haw lah kalu abe we tadop maso nok bui buoh2 kecheh zame loni.

Gitu2 pong, kawe segho Asrul Faizal hok bawok watok jaha tu ganah molek doh blakon, hok hok lain pong tere2 jugok. Silap2 kare gak bulih mene award kt festival filem Malaysia. Kawe segho2 baghu2 pong ‘budak kelantan’ ni mesti doh bulih award, paling kure so.

Kawe rekemeng semo ore hok minat tgk waye gi panggong pakat2 sokong ‘budak kelantan’. Sarikato pong ado.melayu ado, kok ore putih pong ado. Jange lupo bowok saing pakat kelih, kalu demo tu doksir kelih,pakso jugok suruh kelih. Sekali sekalo kito keno gok tengok cerito melayu suppo ‘budak kelantan’ nieh. Bui chance sket deh.

English Translation

Move aside Yasmin Ahmad; because here comes Wan Azli, a new talented film director who has added (suprisingly)refreshing varieties into our local film industry.

‘Budak Kelantan’, a directorial film debut from Wan Azli now awaits every Malaysian film lovers who endeavors a creative untypical malay movie to come to the cinema and watch the movie if they don’t, We probably wont be able to watch his 2nd movie in future.

Honestly, after ‘Kami the movie’, ‘Budak Kelantan’ is the 2nd malay movie that i watched this year and thank god, both of them worth every ringgit spent and did not disappoint me at all.

Wan Azli’s style of story telling film craft is refreshing; almost standing up to Yasmin Ahmad’s film standard and of course away from other mainstream malay movie film directors such as Yusof Haslam, Ahmad Idham, suhaimi baba, Piere Andre or even Afdlin Sauki.

What made me proud was, the Times Square cinema hall that I went was in a full house capacity, majority were malays. Surprisingly not all of them are kelantanese, in fact some non malays were among the crowd as well. This is a promising start, despite there are many commercial international movie were on the menu right now with many varieties from horror, comedy, romantic comedy, action which includes, the highly promoted High School Musical 3 and Quantum Of Solace. Congratulations.

‘Budak Kelantan’ opens with a beautiful introduction view of a journey from Kelantan until Kuala Lumpur, and a welcoming famous Dikir Barat folk song. I guarantee, every kelantanese who watch this movie will reminisce the homey picturesque of Kelantan which was injected trough the images, songs, and of course the dialect used in this movie.

I do not want to elaborate every detail story about ‘Budak Kelantan’. But rest assured, this is not a flashy fancy cliche commercial malay movie. You wont see, any scene at the dining table, or superficial dialogue or character. Every aspect of this movie is as real as you can get. The movie speaks and breathe as authentic as it can get in delivering the story. The character is as real as everyday people. The humor, dialogue, clothes, houses, vehicles, emotion, and mirror the lives of the characters portrayed in the storyline.

The director craftsmanship in composing every details and complexity of characters, and their story are on point. Each scattered puzzles that were built up from the opening scenes later ideally combined at the end of the movie and able to bring senses and understanding In almos a brilliant way. Congratulations. He surely has put so much effort and mind in arranging every detail in such ideal ways without confusing the viewers.

‘Budak Kelantan’ is an entertaining movie, with enough spices and ingredients to not only make the viewer enjoy, laugh and cry but it able to inject positive in this messages without being too preachy. Hopefully some of the social criticism and sarcasm painted in the movie able to awake some sleepy heads who watched this movie.

Through this movie, Wan Azli obviously tries to reach out to his fellow kelantanese and of course every Malaysian citizen regardless of their colour and background with his positive messages in his own loving ways.

If I have to pint out weakness of this movie, it probably to some details that does not make sense such as Jaha very retro way of picking up girls. It’s almost lame and illogical to watch a guy asking a girl’s phone number using pen and cheesy pick up lines. I assume the director does not have enough time to let Jaha use a rather updated technique.

Despite that, I think Asrul Faizal has deliver Jaha’s character complexity successfully and so did the other supporting actors. He obviously will be a strong contender in the best new actor category for the next Malaysia Film Festival. In fact I have strong feelings ‘Budak Kelantan’ will definitely steal few trophies in the next Malaysia Film Festival eventough it can be consider as an underdog effort.

I strongly urge every film lovers to go to your nearest cinema and support ‘Budak Kelantan’. There are 2 are subtitles available in bahasa and english to help you understand the movie. Don’t forget to bring your friends and if they don’t, ask and make them watch this movie. Once in a while, we all need to take a break from Hollywood movies and give a good local movie such as ‘Budak Kelantan’ a deserving chance.

Budak Kelantan is now on cinema Malaysianwide starting 30th October 2008. Check your local listing at your nearest cinema or visit or