Keeping people hopeless and pessimistic, I think there are two ways which people are controlled, by frighten people and secondly demoralize them.

Tony Benn

‘Sicko’, a documentary and commentary film by Micheal Moore criticizing American healthcare system that is turning into a profit making industry rule by insurance company in America and this are futher damaged by corrupt American politicians who has been bought by the corporate giants in order to approve the unfair legistation to protect the corrupted industry that does not benefit the general public.

Apparently, many Americans are denied in getting treatment by the insurance company in order to maximize their profit. In America, a patient’s medical treatment is depending on their ability to pay the medical bills through insurance company or self fund. Thus, those who are able to afford are usually left unattended, to the extend they are thrown to the streets by the hospitals. Moreover, unlike people in Britain, France and Canada who enjoy lavish efficient National Health Service provided by their government, people in America solely depend on insurance company to cover their medical expenses.

When everything circulate around profit, and health becomes a field in making profit from medicine, medical supplies and anything related to healthcare service is turning into a profit making business. The lives of people are no longer the main priority. Insurance companies set up strict selections criteria for people to qualify in getting insurance service from them. Even when the succeeded in getting insurance coverage for their health, it doesn’t necessarily they will get a guarantee that their medical expenses will be covered by the insurance company. Most of the cases, the insurance companies will find various ways in denying their rights often by using ridiculous excuses of failing to declare their detail and complete health status upon the applications.

How now I realized that over these years, how these situations are strikingly similar in our country. Aren’t we all now slowly depending on our insurance company whiles the fact that our medical service and facilities should be provided free or at least affordable charge by our government?

I have to agree to Micheal Moore, comparing American healthcare system with Britain, France and Canada and the culture of privatizing medical institution and it service(turning healthcare service into a business)is like cancer to us, in future, it will slowly denied the less fortunate in getting a better treatment.

Nowadays, more and more Malaysian depend on the insurance company to cover their medical expenses. People are slowly depending on the privatized medical treatment, paid by them via monthly premium or provided by their employee through group medical insurance.

In fact, in Malaysia, our medical service provided by the government through government hospital and clinics is not absolutely free especially when you have to get treatment for serious illnesses. What more if you have to be detain in ward for days. That, of course incurred additional cost.

Unlike European, Americans are afraid of their government, that’s why they are easier to be manipulated. The government in Europe listens to the people voice or at least considers their voice, before making any decision or approving any legislation that has a direct effect on the general public.

We Malaysians, unfortunely are no difference than the Americans. Over the years we see our healthcare, education, transportation, etc is now provided with a cost and becoming less and less affordable to the unfortunate people. It may not be possible to be offered at no charge, but at least, these basic necessities should be affordable to all.

I personally hope that our government should be able to improve and upgrade our healthcare and education system so that it should become more efficient, reliable and affordable for all Malaysians. Every year, a huge amount of budget is being put aside for the benefit of the people. Its now just a matter of managing those funds efficiently by minimizing leakages to ensure all funds are channeled to those who are really in need.

In order to have a better understanding on this matter, I personally encourage all of you, to watch ‘Sicko’ by Micheal Moore. If it’s able to put me into senses, I’m sure it will do the same to you too, or at least it will at least make you see things in from a different perspective.

Sicko, Currently on rotation on Astro, Star Movies(Channel 413).