Congratulations to Barack Obama. Hes winning hopefully will rebrand and stablize America in many ways, from the country economic stability to it international policy. American has voted that they are in desprate need of a new breed of leader who are able to bring positive changes for the benefit of the American people.

Personally i felt that hes winning factor does not rely solely based on his colour skin. Comparing to other candidates, hes the most reliable one. I dont think that the American will vote for him just because they feel that its time for them to have a black(mixed blood) president. They voted to him due to track records and his comprehensive plan for the country’s stability. Furthermore, he have a strong team that able to give hope to the American that they are able to translate their memorandum into action.

Back in Malaysia. Obama victory has sparks hopes from the non bumiputera leaders that they too, deserve to be Prime Minister. Good, now we have another power hunger candidate hoping for the #1 seat just like you know who. Come on. Dont these politicians have anything productive to do other than day dreaming and spreading propaganda causing instability to our country.

To the leaders, please, stop bickering, get your job done. Please be more rationalised and proved to us all that you can be a rational, smart and efficient leaders. Enough with your childish act. Im so fade up whenever the member of cabinet spent more time discussing unproductive issue during parliamentry meeeting. To the point that they rudely boicott a budget hearing even before they listen to it. Is that a trait from someone that has leadership qualities? More like bunch of school kids, i believe people in kampung can do better than them.

People will vote the right prime minister if you are able to prove that your alliance party can come out with an achievable rational plans for the country, fair and square to everyone. With respect to our constitution and not something that you pick from the skies. Probably you may fool those people in rural. But i dont think educated people will bite anything that is seem unlogical and unachieveable.

For non bumiputera, Malaysia is not America. How can you gain trust from bumiputera when some of your action speak otherwise. We still have school catering for different race and religions. Basically we are together, but somehow some of us (especially the old people/political leaders) refuse to be united as one nation.

 Although black, Obama half white(his mother is white) and he is christian. Do you think American will elect non christian candidate to become president? Christian is the majority religion there. It will probably take another 100 years for that to become a reality.(Having non christian, pure blood minorities as president)

Similarly, in Malaysia, i personally feel that our people will vote for any chinese or indian or candidate from any race to be the Prime Minister as long as they are muslim,Which as of now, still is Malaysia official religion. Its not an apple to an apple comparison. Not everything elsewhere, work the same here.

Please do not open another chapter of issue in gaining your popularity.Think wisely before making any press statement. Because it might  backslash you and your group that you representing in the end.Arent we all face enough sickness of the finger poiting, accusations already from both sides? There are many other bigger issues they can heroicly attempt to gain popularity. Like minimising crime rates, bribery, coruption within the systems, leakages, monitoring price hike, and of course our economy.Make positive impact and changes within your scope of authority. Prove to us that you are able to make positive changes. Then, people will of course determine if the candidate deserve their vote or not.

I honestly think that every politicians in Malaysians or those who will become political candidate need to go through an intensive malaysian history and ethics course. Additional to that, they must at least own a degree. In that way, at least we can minimised ‘smart’ politicians who are only become a money makers,power hunger,debate/talking champion but not smart enough to manage. Solving our snatch thieve issue by banning motorcycles from entering the cities? 

Nielsen Survey conducted from sept 23 - oct 6 *credit to The Star
Nielsen Survey conducted from sept 23 - oct 6 *credit to The Star


Isnt this tiring and making us all drowsy? Referring at the latest nielsen study as above, i guess im not alone.I usually refused to stuff my mind with local politics, because to me they are 2×5.Sometimes it is too much.They are old and respectful people but most of them behaving like bunch of clowns in a circus desprate for an attention!Too confuse,irrational,arrogant. greedy, fake and emotional.Oh Well. some of you might felt that its none of my friking business. I dont know about you, but thats what i personally think.