sudin: mak, kenapa mak datang sorang2. kenapa bapak tak ikut sama?

mak sudin: sudin, apa kau sudah gila! bapak kau sudah mati 3 tahun lepas!

Sudin, Bujang Lapok.

November is a tough month. Although we had found a suitable home. We cannot move into the new house yet since the owner still need to settle few arragement to enable us to move in. So we are still waiting for that definate date so that all of us can get this done and over with.

i hate to be kept waiting.

But most terrible of all is when being bitten by home sick bug. If everything goes as plan, my family will visit me next month, to celebrate my sister convocation day. I really hope the house is ready by then. Ive been restlessly praying because i need all the miracles to stand with me, not against me.

Please let this black dark cloud pass me by.