What is the actual arrangement for renting a house be like? Im confuse actually. From my past experience when i was scouting for a house to rent, there are few doubts that still owe myself a firm explaination concerning this matters:-

1.House Deposit

acceptable term is 1 month deposit(1+1). But ive found few house owner who took 2+ 1 deposit. When i asked them why do they required 2 month deposit, a lady told me, 1 month deposit for moving in, and 1 month deposit for moving out. I understand the 1 month deposit for moving out is logical since, the house owner need to evaluate the house condition and may minus an amount out of the deposit is theres any damage occured. Personally 2 month deposit to me in unnecessary.

2. Maintainance Fee.

I never found any house owner who required the tenants to pay the monthly maintaince fee in additional to the monthly rent, untill recently when in found few house owner who required me, to pay it monthly maintainance fee if i agree to rent their house. Thus, if the monthly rental is RM600, and the maintainance fee is RM80, the total monthly amount is RM680. Ist logical?

Why the tenants need to pay up the monthly maintainance fee, whereby the house does not own by us. The maintainance agreement is only between the house owner and the management of the housing area.

Im sure, many house owner will surely come out find their defenses to support their requirement, but what is an actual arrangement between house owner and tenants should legally be like?