Check out Anggun’s latest video for the new french single ‘ Si Je T’emmene’ feat Pras. This video features Anggun in few fabulous clothes. Featuring a Kim Kardashian meets Nicole Scherzinger look.

It also features NYC elements to represent the collaboration with Pras from the Fugees.

Directed by Anggun’s long time video director’s Jean Baptiste Erreca.It offers a different side of Anggun .Elevation is expected to stir a bigger waves to her musical career.

Personally i wish that Anggun does not appear so ‘lonely’ when entering the club. The videocould  have some element of story telling,To futher improvise the video and at the same time to ensure people keep on requesting and voting to watch the video on any music video channel.

1.Anggun should be acompany by few of her fabulous ladies friends when entering the club.

2.The ladies later try to match Anggun with few guys that should fit Anggun defination of someone to call her man to dance with her.

3.The director may  inject some comedy by  introducing few comical guys in different characteristic such as a ladies man, a computer nerd, or overprotective man, etc etc.

4.Upon being introduced to those guys, a flash of fast forward scene of what Anggun might think happened to her if she end up choosing such a disastrous guys in a comical ways.

5.In between scenes, the dance routine scene and beauty shots scene shall remain as it is. Since it is already beautiful.

6. Finally, there can be two possible end scene for the video.She may end up finding a suitable hunky yet sensitive and caring man as she preferred Or  end it with a comical twist to the video by having Anggun end up rejecting all of her ‘candidates’ and she prefer to stick with her ladies friend instead of any man that they try to introduce her with.