i always belief that, theres always a postive outcome after every ‘bad things’ that occured to us. unexpected things planned by god to our life has always be for our best interest.

Thus when i had to move out from my previous house with a short notice. Ive keep my mind positive during the ‘bad’ experience.

True enough. So far, the moving to a new house fiasco has finally ended. Im now renting a better home. 🙂 so happy that i finally gone through it.I love my new home SO so much better than the old house. hehehe. Thank you Allah for helping me get through this.It doesnt matter i have to sacrifice my adha eve holidays, and not returning to my hometown to celebrate it with my family(still sad tho!).

Alhamdulilah. I feel so blessed.Slamat Hari Raya Adha to all.