The Star,Wednesday December 10, 2008

Group: We’ve enough grounds to take action against authorities

KUALA LUMPUR: Residents affected by the landslide at Bukit Antara­bangsa plan to sue the relevant government authorities for compensation.

A task force set up to represent the residents feels it has enough grounds to sue as the authorities had failed to act in time to avert the tragedy that claimed four lives.

Task force chairman Datuk M. Mu­­niandy said that the committee had engaged lawyers to prepare the lawsuit and to identify the defendants.

“We have strong evidence to back the suit. The residents had been reporting about the slope instability for about two years.

“Because of the hilly terrain, the residents were always alert and cautious and had reported landslides, even sinkholes with the third one going about 6m deep,” he told reporters after a meeting with Se­­langor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar here yesterday.

Task force secretary Raymond Jegathesan claimed that when residents complained that trees started to fall, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) attributed it to strong winds and continuous rain.

Over 20 years ago, a block of houses under construction collapsed near the current landslide area but no action was taken to strengthen the slope.

“Now lives have been lost and people have lost their life savings.”

The meeting between Khalid and the residents’ representative was surprisingly not a fiery affair as anticipated.

Both parties discussed looting, entry of outsiders into the affected housing areas and the lack of information on the status of the affected hillside.

Residents also claimed that seven to eight reports had been lodged on looting and there was also photographic evidence of people in uniform misbehaving.

Nevertheless, Khalid urged residents to lodge reports over their complaints.

I just dont understand, why people still purchase property at risky suicidal areas such as the hills? and usually, whenever bad things happened,the last thing that these ppl will do is to accept the blame on themselves. I still think its not right for the ‘fortunate’ few to earn people tax money to compensate their ‘bad’ luck.

I remember, few years ago, eventough few evacuation notice has been issued to house owners living a landslide potential area( i think it somewhere nearby bukit antarabangsa UK heights aswell), they REFUSE to move out, and some even blame the authority of not sending them ‘evacuation notice’ EVENTHOUGH they themselves can see the bad condition of the land to hit their house that will take their lives.

You can actually see, these people arrogantly yet ‘innocently’ throw various accusation to everybody else concerning their matters on tv. If i were them, i be ashamed to even appear on tv.

To avoid unauthorised developer illegally developing the risky areas, the local authority should issue an official legal statement and erected a huge billboard to warn people that still insist to purchase the house at the risky area and to inform them that any property purchased at unautorised area is at their own risk.If anything occur they should get compensation from the developer themselves.

An agreement to all property purchaser at the illegal housing area should be issue and agreement containing nuptial stating that, their purchase the house at the risky disasterous area for landslide, etc at their own risk.

Funny thing is, why they just summons the MPAJ? why not also adds TNB,Telekom,and Syabas,Pos Malaysia etc etc? Why are these bodies still authorise their service at the’ illegal’ housing area. After all, its everyone else to blame right.kidding!.

i know its none of my business and my posting may sound selfish and insensitive to the victim.Eventough im so sorry for their badluck, i still think these ppl dont deserve to be personally compensate by the goverment using the tax money.I know some ppl might not agree with me, but this is just what i think.really.ok. i shut up now.