Gosh. this event is old. last month. Surprisingly, i haven’t  got a time to review it until today.

Event name: Levis Live Unbutton Big Bash Party
Venue: KL Tower.
Line up:Estranged, Deja Voodoo Spells, MC Syze, Joe Flizzow (Malaysia), DJ T-Bone, Zul Mystroe, Richard J (Singapore), SLEEQ (Singapore) and DJ Cream (Indonesia)

Parking arrangement: well planned arrangement. shuttle van available for free. reasonable parking fee of RM5 @ legal parking compound.

Rating: Couldve been better. 3 stars out of 5.

First of all, its a shame when a well planned exclusive party cum gig like this is not being promoted heavily in proper channels. If it wasnt becoz of the email mailing list and someone we knew were among the line up. i guess we wouldn’t be aware of the event.

Anyway, when we arrived. i saw few groups of giggers ready for the event. i think they probably not aware of all the line up. Sadly this is not a rock gig. its a mixed.

Thus soonest as Deja Voodoo Spells and Estranged finished their thing. Some of them left. Leaving the floor empty.However, the host has done his very best in persuading the shy people to filled floor  and go wild. LOL.

Yeah, i guess few sane ppl did listen to the calling. Thanks to the few group of drunkers, they at least hype up the cold surrounding with their cheering and ‘dancing’, hehe.

Personally, except for few malaysian talents. other talents are relatively unknown to the audience. Particularly those coming from singapore. Nevertheless all of them did their very best to satisfy the organizer and keep the  audience entertained.

DJV in action
DJV in action - ainul,mie and rithan
Rithan and Mie in action
Rithan and Mie in action

Deja Voodoo Spells, our personal favourite of the bunch. Heat up the event as the first opening act. As usual, their captivating performance with their hits such as ‘Rock & Roll’, ‘I am What I Am’, ‘Five’. The trio proves that,Malaysian talents – BOLEH!.

As usual Rich Wow them all with 'Itu Kamu'.
As usual Rich Wow them all with 'Itu Kamu'.
minat la tshirt dia. mana beli?
minat la tshirt dia. mana beli?

Malaysia pop rock darlings, Estranged later fill the stage in akward moment, leaving napi soak up in his own sweat when everybody turn attention towards him. hehehhee, Rich later save him, performing their hits such as ‘Aurora’, ‘Yang Pernah’, ‘Velocity’, and my favourite’s ‘Slave in Us’ and of course, crowd favourite of ‘Itu Kamu’. Hehehehee.

Zul(on the right) performing with Richard J.
Zul(on the right) performing with Richard J.

I felt so sorry for Zul Mystroe, singaporean beat box talents. Thank god he can really beat box, or else he end up drowning in having his own season.The audience are hard to impress. I felt sorry for him for having to perform at the ‘wrong’ venue. But hes not that bad, in fact some of his skills did gain applause from the audience.

Richard J. Doing his 'thang'. 🙂

Richard J, manage to keep the crowd happy with few of his not-so-bad catchy  songs such as ‘addicted’, ‘Supagirl’. His performance is entertaining,He couldve been a succesful artist, if he can find his own identity and shed his Bow wow+T.I image. One thing fo sure, his high pitched speaking voice will sure impress Chris Tucker fans. I love Chris Tucker and yeah, Eddie Murphy. Opps. Off Topic.

sleeq sleaking their numbers.
sleeq sleaking their numbers.

The list of singaporean talents continues with Sleeq. The next big thing soon to invade our local malay radio after  Imran Ajmain, Alif Aziz. Why not? The duo, consist of Alip and Syarif  are bunch of eye candy, powerful enough to lure their attention in enjoying their music. The duo performed few english songs such as ‘moviestar’, with 1990s pop urban sound. Eventough outdated, it is still pleasurable.

MC syze save the show by throwing few olskool songs, to bring sweet memories to the audience particularly those who are fans of Too Phat back in the those days. The  powerful and smooth rap delivery is uncomparable to the ones shown by the previous performers.  LOL. I was hooked with the ryhme and enjoying it every seconds.

Joe Flizzow almost literally single handedly bring all the crowds going with his performance of his latest hits such as ‘Do it Duit’ and few other song that i cant remember that night.

Soon as it ends. Dj took over the stage and try their best to keep the momentum going with their playlist of songs hoping that the crowd staying and keeping it hype and happening.

Sadly, few groups including me choose to leave the scene after few snapping momento. Too bad, an event with such quality production, which includes lavish lightings, audio video pleasures, grafity activities and other gimics  should be share by more KLians.

Perhaps they could’ve arrange a tactical promotional strategy in the future. Surely they have to compete since event like these are mushrooming in numbers, having people to be more selective in spending their fun time. Or else end up at a tasteless event and not having a good time.

In reality, KL folks are now more picky than ever, especially for free events. After all, everybody want to make sure,after going through the traffic jems, spent ridiculous amount of parking ‘fee’ by those ‘parking’ pirates.The event will provides a happy hour experience.