Since my parents requested to keep meksu (my 7 months old kitten)with them at my hometown, and after moving into a new home. i miss my cat even more, and so does my housemate.

oh how miss her playing hide and attack, and her manja atitude, licking my lips, my face, slept on my arms when im using my laptop. She is so smart and attentive to things we say to her. So no wonder my parents were smitten by her and wanted to keep her.

Anyway i didnt have a guts to take her away from my parents. So the last 2 weeks, ive started looking for a poor kitten to be taken under my care. The thing is, im so auspicious when selecting kitten. I didnt just take any kitten. I only adopt a kitten who i think has the ‘chemistry’ that im looking for. Meksu, for instance, was a sick poor unwanted siamese kitten i found in spca.

It has also been 2 nights in a row i found myself dreaming, adopting a kitten. A kitten appear in my dream last night dream looklike the picture above. a grey kitten.

Well, if God meant me to keep a kitten once again.It will happen sooner or later. I dont want to rush into this. I like things to fall place according to my faith. Maybe i will stumble upon a sick unwanted kitten somewhere, or i found that kitten from someone who ask me to adopt their kitten.If it meant to be, then it will happen in a day or two or in months to come.