Caprice third single, ‘Fantasy Girl’, is definitely going to start stir some waves  in 2009. The catchy vibe of his new single has already making waves on the internet, making hits on youtube.

The video which features hot sexy girls not only from homeland Malaysia, but other parts of the world aswell, it also includes a special sizzling appearance by an internet exhibitionista chick from Toronto, Sophia Loren and featuring an online collaboration with internet aspiring rapper, LM from Houston, Texas.

‘Fantasy Girl’ music videos features shots of the girls from different parts of the continents dancing and having fun to Caprice song, and the rap break by Mr LM from Houston,USA shot in a night mode in front of video camera. The video treatment is not only creative and sexy but it’s also clever considering the budget constraints and suchs. The idea is also rarely seen done by any other artiste.

Following his other hit single such as ‘Lenglui’ and the effectious ‘Dem Girls’, Caprice continues his flirtiest catchy hooks and enough eye candy pleasures to make all the girls(and boys) hoping from more.

Currently his song has already hit airwaves on Malaysia Xfresh and radio, hungry for more request and votes to keep his career going, and making performances around town especially at private functions and prom.

Yes, get him while he’s still available at affordable rates, cause this cute fella definitely going to make it big offshore real real soon, following other Malaysia talented fresh homegrown export such as Chenelle, Shayna Zaid, Zee Avi(Koko Kaina), Pop Shuvit and others!