Zee's You Tube message updates
Zee's You Tube message updates

Hai everybody

This is Zee,just to let you guys know
that im in los angeles at the moment
recording my album, at the brushfire record studio.

Hopefully the album will be release ‘next year’.

Also a special thank you and shout out to my youtube subscribers
and to anyone who’ve left me such me such wonderful words of encouragement.

Until then i hope you stay tune for updates and happy holidays.

Thank you.

Zee Avi, formerly known as Koko Kaina, currently is in Los Angeles, recording her debut album with Brushfire Records at  Brushfire Studio.

She has already gain attention from US media, including Los Angelas times and has earn rave reviews for her orginaly composition song,  ‘no christmas for me’; which has been included in Brushfire’s Warm December Holidays Album.

A video recording of her performances has been updated in Youtube and Brushfire official website.

official website:  www.brushfirerecords.com