Sayang, dont be stingy...we'll make your RM10 worth every cents okay 🙂

The recent proposal request lead by Malaysian Film Producers Association to FINAS in hope to ‘plea’ for all Hollywood film released in Malaysia cinema’s ticket price to be charge at minimum of RM20.

Currently all Malaysian movies have been given a special privilege of ‘wajib tayang’ scheme to ensure their movies (regardless how bad the movie quality or low public acceptance) will enjoy a compulsory screening slot by the cinema owners nationwide.

As if that’s not enough, with the always and forever productive culture of ‘subsidy’, ‘umbrella’ and ‘spoon fed’ among Malaysian citizen’s particularly the bumiputera, it will not only cultivate the culture of anti competition but an orthodox practice that will surely provides ’positive’ platform for Malaysian films producers and directors to ‘raised’ the standard of Malaysian movies compared to Indonesia and Thailand, let alone Hollywood.

Personally, as a consumer, even after the enforcement of the new ticket price, I won’t be bother watching crappy Malaysian movies at the cinema for the sake of ‘supporting’ the industry.

In fact, I believe it is our responsible to NOT watch their crappy movies in order to encourage them to produce a BETTER movie. I always believe that, spending my hard earned money to these film producer/director wannabe will only nurture a group of a few Malaysian film producer and directors who refused to grow up and could not accept that they, should run a restaurant rather making another crappy movies.

Cinema goers these days are more educated and selective in spending their money on movies compared in the 1990s. The standard of living has also increased since the beginning of 2k years. Unless if they decide to make movies for the growing numbers of immigrants population in Malaysia.

I honestly challenge these so called local film ‘heroes’ to proceed with their laughable proposal as soon as possible and see if in future, the local film industry will float or sink to the deepest south china sea.

Perhaps, they are not fully aware, by 2015, with a completion of the final phase of High Speed Broad band service in Malaysia, it will offer a faster speed and a higher quality broadband service which will provides a better alternative for Malaysian to seek source of entertainment online, from youtube, torrent to IPTV, with the decreasing price of HDTV and home theater system, Malaysian will soon be able to enjoy whatever movies they want to watch, safer, at the comfort of our home.