McKey Photo 9

Finally ive completed watching ANTM cycle 11. As refreshing as usual. Personally i found that this season cast is one of the  most  modelesque girls of all season. Eversince the makeover, i always rooting for McKey. I love her features! and damn im so glad she won! Other than Jaslene, Mckey is my personal favourite of ANTM winner that i think has what it takes to become a supermodel in runaway, print and tv commercial.

Marjorie Photo 11

My second favourite from ANTM 11 is Marjorie Conrad. I love her personality, since i am too, tend to fidget when i get nervous(something that i continously learn to perfect my skills to overcome my nerves). As a model, i felt Marjorie has the essential features and personality. But she need to manage her nervousness-something that i believe can be master through time )

Analeigh Photo 10

Lastly i just love Analeigh Tipton. She is not only beautiful from the outside, but from the inside aswell. I love her friendship with Marjorie and how considerate she is as a friend. She also can become a bankable model if she can give a variety of facial shots, i believe her posing style is already progressing throughout the end of the cyle. She has master her posing techniques, giving variety of posing style. If not a model, i believe she can be a succesful actress one day.