what can i say? brilliant marketing plan. the man or ladies who’ strategised’ the concept for the  show is applying a very basic  marketing rule. or maybe the concept for the show comes from mr emmet himself?Apparently Ive notice ‘kembali’, is an album carefully executed with a similar concept. Kembali is album that is produce with a marketing craft and yet the artistic elements are beautifully produced.(well i will review about it thoroughly when i have extra time to share my opinion in that subject).
“specific and targetted” are two words that my lecturers keep on telling us during his lectures. Back then i didnt really have a clue about the practicality of the concept. But as i grow older all of Mr K’s word of wisdom keep on flashing back to me, and how now i admire him more and more.
Well back to butterfingers, i suggest all  aspiring bands outthere should take note on how these guys has  been doing with kembali. Also, it proves  that KNOWLEDGE my dear, will make you a smarter person.