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Info & Disclaimer


Hai, welcome to melodica page II ( Page II is actually an extension of the page I ( .Melodica Page II contains more info whereby Melodica the page I contains just photo summary
(a quick update if im busy).

Why page I and page II ? cause melodica page II was actually my first blog debut since 2007, to transfer it all to page I, it will require massive amount and energy so why not have two blogs ?with page I contains just picture summary, and page II contains elaborate info 🙂

What i do in life? Im an advertising graduate currently working in event marketing in one of the local telco. Currenty nesting in Kuala Lumpur but i travel extensively around the country. I love travelling, music, fashion and style, i love to dress up,im pretty much the average indie junkie, i love reading, writing and appreciate arts and youth culture.

I dont blog about everything about my life cause i believe a lil bit of mystery is fun, and i love writing, so the blogs helps me to keep in touch, updating my wherebouts to my friends and families, and at the same time help me to sharpen my language skills(cause in page two i try not to use the usual street lingo). i hope you enjoy all the stuff that i share with you readers.

Thank you for visiting , thanks for reading and thanks for all the comments 🙂


Kae. The melodica


This is my personal blog, i don’t make a living or get paid by blogging, hence the content of my writings is solely derived from my personal state of mind during the entry published date only. You may read it with your own risk.All Comments are allowed, however your personal cyber harassment comments towards me or other readers should be posted with your valid email address and your valid blog/myspace/facebook/friendster URL attached to it or else it will be deleted.Please also be reminded that, your IP address for your cyber harassment messages will be monitor and recorded for legal references when it is required. 


15 thoughts on “Info & Disclaimer

  1. elo there! kami rocks yo!! last nite was d 1st time i watchd kami n gosh did i fall in luv wif it?of cos i did.mmg betul la it’s totally not a typical malay drama which byk menangis,skrip panjang2 dat’s totally not in nymore.
    nice 2 find another kami’s fan like u n ur blog is quite interesting.
    oh yeah! how was d gig last sunday?damn i was bz wif my well…as usual assignments.duh…
    btw lucu gak la characters named ali n abu tu.stylo but nama still kampung wei..hehehehehe…

  2. h0lla gurl… like to rea ur blog… mostly bout KAMI da series… that series akn jd movie aite? ermmm.. dun forget “garang… tapi cute…”


  3. hi milo,

    can i know how much u need to pay for the celcom broadband for the first time user?
    please do email me if u can.

    tq so much..hv a great day

  4. you have option. usb modem on ur own usb modem from celcom i think at rm499.

    then subscribe to celcom broadband package.

    1. get urself a new set of simcard for data usage. i do not recomment you combine your data with voice. coz u might get headache with the bills.

    2. choose which broadband package you prefer.
    RM98/month or RM68/month

    3.for first bill, you are required to pay for 1 month deposit. for example. if you take RM68, RM136 will be charge in your first bill. the following bill is back to RM68

    4. bear in mind, if you send sms using your dialer,there will be additional sms charges on top of your RM68/98. *wink *wink.

  5. well done, love to read ur blog, contain in wat hype here in klang valley, n tq for the band list perform dis sat. on kami d concert, really appreciate it, makes me easy more to adjust my tyme there. c my website, i hv more i snap there at kami gigs happen last time in cm

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